Episode 8: Top 10 Tips For Getting Organized As A Solopreneur

In this episode learn 10 simple tips that can make you more organized as a solopreneur, make client processes less stressful and explode your productivity.

  • Always Have Something To Take Notes
  • Workflow Is Life
  • Client Folders Are Key
  • Track Income and Expenses
  • Be In Sync
  • Plan Ahead
  • The Cloud is Your Friends
  • Plan Ahead
  • Schedule Everything You Can
  • Set Boundaries
Workflows don't have to be overwhelming you just need to sit down and identify. Click To Tweet Clients folders help you CYA. Cover Your Ass! Click To Tweet Don’t spend your time now doing tasks just to make yourself feel productive. Click To Tweet Setting boundaries makes you more professional and more organized. Click To Tweet

You can read the full post here: Top 10 Tips For Getting Organized As A Solopreneur

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