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Podcasts for women business owners

The podcast for creatives and online entrepreneurs who want to decrease their anxiety and increase their productivity through systems, time management and organization. 


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Meet The Host

Dia Darling

I’ve always been a bit of an overachiever. I get bored way too easily and get a buzz from checking shit off my to-do list seriously it’s almost as good as wine. This wasn’t as big of a deal when I had the energy of a 22-year-old. But as I entered the ladder part of my 20s balancing a full-time marketing job, freelancing and trying to start my own business, date, make time for family and friends, eat…basically all the things I knew something had to give.  I couldn’t go on staying up till the crack of dawn and then waking up a few hours later to do it all over again. I set up systems, got my butt in gear and improved my situation with accountability and organization. Afterward, I was able to spend less of my hours working, grow my audience and break the income ceiling I had hit with my blog. I’m not some magical genie. I’m just a girl (boss) standing in front of a boy computer asking you to trust me. I have been there, those long nights.

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